Welcome to Chemucation – Derbyshire Science Tuition

Chemucation is a private tuition service run by Dr. Clare A. Daykin based in Heanor, Derbyshire.

My mission is to help students maximize their potential in the sciences regardless of ability or background through individual encouragement and attention.  I cover all three sciences from year 7 through to year 11 and specialise in biology and chemistry tuition at A’ level.

During the Covid-19 national lockdown all tuition is offered live online via Zoom or Skype and supplemented with an online interactive whiteboard.  I have nearly a decade of experience tutoring online, including teaching for a leading online school and have over 60 GBytes of resources completely adapted to online teaching.  Once the lockdown has lifted, if students prefer face-to-face tuition, this can be carried out from my dedicated tuition room in Heanor.

I am also part of a larger UK tutors’ network comprising tutors with a wide range of experience and expertise, so may be able to help existing clients of Chemucation to find suitable tutors in other subject areas that I do not cover at no cost.

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