How much do you charge?

The following fees will be charged for sessions between 16:00-21:00, Monday-Friday.  GCSE or A’ level students wishing to receive tuition on a Saturday or Sunday will be charged an additional £15/hour weekend premium on the fees listed below.  

Any changes in fees for students will be notified at least one term in advance.

GCSE Science (Biology/Chemistry/Physics) or Maths £45 per hour
A’ level Biology or Chemistry £45 per hour
UCAT or BMAT £65 per hour
University level (Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacology or related subjects) £70 per hour
Post graduate (e.g. Thesis proof-reading) POA

Do you offer a family discount?

I am afraid I am unable to offer a sibling or family discount.  My tuition slots fill up quickly and therefore I can not afford to offer discounts on available places.

I can’t afford 1-2-1 tuition, if I opt for small group tuition, will I save money?

 Yes.  Tuition sessions offered to 2-4 students can offer a significant saving to parents.  Some parents and students also prefer the support offered within a small group because students may feel less isolated if they are struggling with a subject.  Students can learn from each other whilst still receiving more individual attention than can usually be provided at school.  Some students may feel that tuition within a small group is less intimidating than 1-2-1 sessions, whilst others prefer, or require, completely individual attention.  The most suitable option is entirely dependent upon the student.

How much do you charge for small group tuition?

Lesson fees are 67% of the standard one-to-one fee (per student) where two students are tutored together, 50% of the standard one-to-one fee (per student) where three students are tutored together, or 40% of the standard one-to-one fee (per students) where four students are tutored together.  However, in order to ensure the lower fees are workable for group tuition, fees are payable monthly in advance and non-refundable regardless of student attendance (if a session is missed due to illness/cancellation on my part, fees will be refunded).

I do not offer tuition for more than four students in a single session. However, small group tuition can make private tuition more affordable and accessible by sharing costs with others.

Will you tutor students of differing ages or abilities together?

No. In order to maximise the potential progress that students make, I only offer group tuition to students with similar learning needs.

How should I pay you?

Payment should be made by bank transfer monthly in advance following receipt of an invoice and agreement of the number of sessions required in a month.  If paying monthly will be problematic for you, please do discuss this with me and it may be possible to reach an agreement in order to ensure that tuition is still accessible for you.

Please note that due to previous problems with cheques, payment by cheque is no longer accepted.  I also do not handle cash payments for personal safety reasons.