What length of time do you suggest tuition sessions are booked for?

We would suggest that sessions for KS3 and KS4 students are 1 hour long outside examination times. During examination times, we may suggest that KS4 students increase the length of sessions to a maximum of 1.5 hours if we feel that students would  benefit.

KS5 and university students may benefit from slightly longer sessions and we would usually suggest sessions between 1-2 hours in length, dependent upon individual needs and proximity to examination time.

What type of activities are used in a typical session?

This will vary depending on the age, ability level and learning style of the student.  However, at the start of a session, any homework which was set by us at the previous session will be reviewed and any difficulties with the homework will be discussed.  The learning objectives for the current session will then be introduced and the student’s current knowledge of the learning objectives will be evaluated.  There is little point covering ground the student already feels confident with, but on the other hand, it is also necessary to ensure a student’s understanding of a topic is as secure as they may feel it is.

Having established the learning objectives, we use a variety of resources, which may include (but are not restricted to) discussions, PowerPoint, exam questions, mind-maps, card-sort activities, research activities, practical science experiments and games, to support students’ learning.  we like to be guided by the student’s own interests and motivations, so the more information you/they can provide in this regards, the more I can tailor sessions to meet their interests.

The session will end by reviewing and re-evaluating student progress against the learning objectives.  Any areas of weakness or uncertainty will be recorded to ensure these areas are re-visited in a subsequent session.  Homework may be set (but only with the agreement of parents) to support learning during the session.

Do you travel?

As a general rule we do not travel for tuition.  This enables us to maximise our availability for students, ensure efficient timetabling of sessions and keep prices affordable.  Clare uses a study within her own home for tuition, enabling her to have all my books and resources immediately to hand and because you will not be working in the main hub of the home, you will be free from distractions.

For students who would prefer the convenience of tuition in their own home, or those too far away from Heanor, I also offer a live on-line e-tuition service using Skype and an interactive online whiteboard, Scribblar, which can be accessed by both the student and the tutor.  This service is surprisingly efficient and whilst parents may occasionally voice concerns that the student will not be able to develop a rapport with an online tutor, most young people today are very comfortable with communication online.  These perceived barriers are therefore rarely an issue for students.

For students within a 4 mile radius of postcode DE23, Alisa (another Chemucation tutor) may travel to you for tuition in physics or maths.

In all cases, we do require that a responsible adult is available at all times whilst we are tutoring students under-18. In cases where this is not possible, it may be possible for to rearrange sessions in a mutually convenient public place, such as a library, or occasionally, sessions have previously been arranged at a student’s school, with the school’s permission.

Do you hold an enhanced DBS/CRB disclosure?

There is no legal obligation for tutors to be DBS checked and we do request that under-18’s are not left alone for tuition.  However, we believe that the safeguarding of your child is of the utmost importance and Chemucation tutors hold clean enhanced DBS disclosures and will show you the original on request.

What insurance do you have?

There is no legal obligation for tutors to be covered by any insurance.  However, I (Clare) believe that holding relevant insurance is an important part of demonstrating my professionalism.  I therefore hold Employers’ Liability Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.

What if you are late?

We apologize if we are ever running behind schedule. Occasionally parents may wish to speak to us for a longer period after tuition, or a prior student may have been delayed.  We will let you know by text message if there are delays, provided we have an up-to-date mobile number.

Which subjects do you offer?

Clare offers all three sciences and maths at GCSE, then biology and chemistry at A’level.  Alisa offers physics and maths at both GCSE and A’level.  Florian offers maths at GCSE and A’level and maths skills for students studying biology or chemistry at A’level.

Do you tutor at primary level?

No.  We do not have any intention of offering primary level tuition in the foreseeable future.