Over an 18 year period as a research-active scientist, I have published my work extensively in peer-reviewed journals and at international conferences. This work has been cited 4323 times within scientific literature. I also sit on the Editorial Boards of four reputable, international scientific journals and regularly peer-review papers for journals within the field of Analytical Chemistry.  I was an invited session chair for an international scientific conference in autumn 2017 and I have been interviewed for expert opinion by the scientific media on several occasions (e.g. and .

My experience as a research active scientist at the cutting-edge of my field gives me a working knowledge of science and statistics well beyond the school-based curriculum, whilst still being knowledgeable in areas required to be successful at GCSE and A’level.


Picture: A PhD student from my research group tuning the newly installed 600 MHz NMR spectrometer at the University of Nottingham

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