Many students are intimidated by maths and convince themselves they “can’t” do it.  Parents can inadvertently discourage their children with throw-away comments, such as, “I could never do maths either, you’re just like me”, which may be intended to reassure, but can ultimately discourage students from trying to reach their full potential.  Some students may have been told by parents, friends or teachers that they “can’t” do maths because their strength lies in languages.  However, whilst some students will clearly find maths easier than others, I don’t believe it is inaccessible to anyone.

We base a lot of our maths teaching around games to help make maths fun and will move as quickly or slowly through material as a student requires.  We often find that once students start seeing some progress, their confidence increases dramatically and they even start to enjoy the subject!  Further progress then becomes self-perpetuating.

GCSE maths tuition is common for adult students as well as those still at school, where the student may have left school without the all-important “C” grade only to later find they need it to access certain career opportunities.

Exam boards previously covered include AQA, EdEdexcel, Cambridge International and OCR.