UCAS Personal Statement Support

As competition for university places continues to increase, the Personal Statement section of your UCAS application has never been so important. Having interviewed hundreds of students for undergraduate university courses, I have read, assessed and made offer decisions based on applicants personal statements and interview performance.

Your Personal Statement is your only opportunity on the UCAS form to say something about yourself. In only 4000 characters, you need to demonstrate why you make an excellent candidate for your chosen course.

You may already have a first draft of your Personal Statement which you would like me to review and/or edit, making suggestions for improvements and enhancements; or you may prefer to have an initial in-depth consultation to provide guidance regarding where to start and how to structure your statement from which you can then create your own personal statement.

The amount of time required for this service will vary from student to student and can depend on a number of factors, including: the standard of any initial draft you provide, the course and the university you are applying to, and whether you also need help in choosing which course and/or university is the right one for you. This is therefore a bespoke service.

Consultation and advice regarding application to the Dutch Higher Education system can also be provided.