About Me

Dr. Clare A. Daykin BSc (Hons), PhD, DIC, PGCert

Founder and Proprietor of Derbyshire Science and Maths Tuition (formerly Chemucation), Science Tutor, Vice-President of The Tutors’ Association (2015-16)

I graduated with a degree in Biomedical Chemistry and a PhD in Analytical Biochemistry from Imperial College London and have subsequently led cutting-edge industrial and academic research in science and statistics. I am fascinated by science and I believe my genuine enthusiasm, combined with my working knowledge, based on years as an active researcher, is evident in my teaching. 

I am an experienced educator and past Vice-President of the Tutors’ Association (2015-16).  I have almost a decade of tertiary level teaching experience as a University Lecturer at the University of Nottingham, plus secondary school  teaching experience, ten years personal tuition experience and I am a very experienced current biology examiner.  I am familiar with the requirements of all the major examination boards (AQA, OCR, EdExcel, CIE, WJEC, IB) and sat on a University examination board for the award of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees for eight years.

I have worked with students across the ability range, including the most able PhD students and children with special educational needs such as Asperger Syndrome, autism, ADHD, partial hearing and dyslexia. Having lived and worked abroad for a number of years, I not only have experience of working with students for whom English is an additional language, but I’ve been on “the other side of the fence” and can empathize with the issues EAL students may face.

I take a very individual approach to tutoring, adapting approaches and resources to fit the needs of the individual. Prior to commencing tuition we will agree tuition goals and I will work with these to develop a personalized scheme of learning. During tuition I will monitor student progress and keep records of this so that learning and attainment can be tracked and approaches can be continually adapted to meet the developing needs of the learner.

However, most importantly of all, I believe learning should be fun. I am friendly and approachable and I work hard to ensure students enjoy having tuition, which ultimately will maximize the progress they make.