These are just a few of the genuine remarks and feedback provided following tuition.  Comments have been deliberately anonymised, to protect the identities of students.  If parents wish to speak to previous clients, this can be arranged on request.

August 2017

5/5.  Brilliant tutor, my daughter really enjoyed her lessons. She has excellent knowledge of chemistry and biology, taught in a relax manner with great emphasis on developing & improving understanding and preparation for exams. Highly recommended.

– Parent of an A’level Biology (OCR) and Chemistry (OCR B) Student.  Feedback was provided on the website, TutorHunt


I got an A!!!![…….] Thank you so much Clare for all of your help – couldn’t have done it without you

– A’ level Biology student (OCR)


A* biology A chem A geography – so thank you so much for all your help!

– Parent of A’ level biology (OCR) and A’ level chemistry (OCR B) student


Just to let you know that ****** got A* in both Chemistry and Biology.  So thank you for your contribution to that!

– Parent of A’ level biology (OCR) and A’ level chemistry (OCR B) student


June 2017

– A’ level Biology Student (OCR)


– A’ level Chemistry Student (OCR B)


5/5 – Rating from student via online tuition platform Evotuition

– UCAS Personal Statement Support


June 2016


– A’ level Biology Student (EdExcel)

May 2016

5/5.  So far, we are very pleased with Clare. Our daughter likes her and feels she is learning and improving already, which is great for her confidence, ready for her exams.

– Parent of an A’level Biology student (OCR)


March 2016

5/5. Clare is an excellent, patient, knowledgeable tutor. I would highly recommend her.

– Parent of an A’level Chemistry student (AQA)


January 2016

Very happy with the level of professionalism and tuition

– Parent of an A’level Chemistry (OCR A) and Biology (OCR) student


October 2015


– Adult GCSE Maths student (EdExcel)

August 2015


– GCSE Maths student (AQA)

Hi Clare. Thank you for all your help… ****** got A grades in all 3 of her sciences!

– Parent of a GCSE Science Student (AQA)

Hi Clare.  ********* did extremely well and she did achieve her C in physics, thank you so much for all your support.

– Parent of a GCSE Physics Student (AQA)

I’m really happy. 4A*, 5A and 1B (English of course)

– GCSE Science Student (EdExcel)

I got a B overall.  Thank you so much for all your help

– A’level Chemistry Student (OCR A)


May 2015

[Tuition] has given ****** a lot of confidence……… I’m pleased. I have sung Alisa’s praises!!!

– Parent of an A2 Maths Student (AQA)

January 2015

5/5.   I would recommend Clare without hesitation.

– Parent of a KS3 Science student


September 2014

***** got the A!  Just to let you know the good news! …….. Thanks for everything, she could not have done it without you!

– Parent of an A’level Chemistry student (EdExcel)


August 2014

I got an A for my physics! Thank you so much for all the help you gave me this year!

– GCSE Physics student (AQA).

**** got a B so she’s really happy and can take her chosen subjects at 6th form. Thank you Clare for all your help

– Parent of a GCSE Chemistry student (AQA)

Hi Clare all Bs so ***** is very happy 🙂

– Parent of a GCSE Chemistry and Biology student (EdExcel)

I got 3 A’s so an A in Biology 🙂 and I’m off to [named Russell Group University]!  Thank you for all your help, it really helped me to get the A in the end 🙂

– A’level Biology student (AQA)

I GOT MY A’s.  Just to let you know I got my grades………… Thank you so much for all your help

– A’level Chemistry (OCR A) and Biology (OCR) student

…..Thank you so much for helping me with chemistry and helping me get an A

– A’level Chemistry student (OCR A)

Hi Clare! I got a place at [named Russell Group University]! ABB with a B in Biology.  All thanks to you.  You have been a massive help!

– A’level Biology student (OCR)

…. I got an A in my chemistry resit

– A’level Chemistry student (OCR Salters)

Hi… I got ABB.. A in biology and I am doing [named professional science degree] at [named red-brick university] …………… thanks for all your help 🙂

– A’level Biology student (OCR)


July 2014


5/5.  Clare very quickly assessed my sons needs and he is already feeling more confident – and happily attends the sessions!

– Parent of iGCSE Chemistry student (CIE)


January 2014


thank u for yr time u have helped me so much

– KS4 Chemistry and Physics student

Thank you very much for looking through my [literature] review and for the comments made, they were really useful

– Final year BSc (Hons) student (Physiotherapy)


– KS3 Science student


October 2013


***** really enjoys your style of teaching and your company

– Parent of KS3 Science student


August 2013


***** finds you kind, helpful, encouraging and knowledgeable

– Parent of A2 level Biology student (OCR)

I know *****’s confidence levels were greatly improved from her time with you.

– Parent of AS Biology student (OCR)

Thanks a lot for all the help, you are an excellent teacher.

– IB Chemistry student

I made it into uni! I managed to achieve an A in chemistry. Thankyou very much

– A2 level Chemistry student (OCR Salters)


July 2013


5/5.  Clare was really friendly and has helped my son alot, would highly recommend Clare to anyone who is looking for a tutor, Many thanks again clare

– Parent of a KS3 Science student


August 2012


I would be very happy to recommend you

– Parent of AS level Biology student (AQA)


October 2011


A million thank you’s go to …. Dr. Clare A. Daykin for the long-lasting patience in passing on knowledge about NMR spectroscopy and multivariate statistical analysis

– PhD student


September 2011


I would like to thank my supervisors, Dr. Clare Daykin and ** **** ******* for their expertise, guidance and support throughout the PhD

– PhD student


October 2010


I am deeply thankful to my supervisors, Dr. Clare Daykin and ** ****** ******** for their encouragement and guidance throughout my time within their lab group.  I am also grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to produce this PhD thesis and for always believing in me

– PhD student.

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