Live online e-Tuition is both incredibly flexible and environmentally friendly allowing you to access tuition from wherever you are, provided you have an internet connection.

e-Tuition negates the requirement for travel by either the student or the tutor and because all work is carried out on an online whiteboard, printing and paper-use is reduced.  e-Tuition is equally as effective as in-person tuition, but offers a lower carbon-footprint solution and is not limited by weather conditions allowing travel or location.  Students can even continue tuition whilst away on holiday, if desired!

Sessions are organised and run in an identical manner to traditional 1-to-1 sessions.  In addition, sessions can be recorded, allowing students to refer to recordings even after the lesson is over.

The e-Tuition service allows face-to-face interaction between tutor and tutee via Skype or Zoom, whilst learning material is shared via an online interactive whiteboard and screen-sharing facilities.  Both student and tutor can write on the interactive whiteboard, enabling exercises to be completed by the student during the session and marked as though the tutor were sitting next to the student.

To participate you need:

A reasonable internet connection
A good microphone and speakers
A webcam (not essential)

If students do not have a Skype account or if internet speed is limited, Zoom can be used instead.

Access to the whiteboard is provided by Chemucation.

A screen-shot of the whiteboard used during an e-Tuition session is shown below: